If you’re a production company, marketing agency, a director, photographer, comic book artist or just an enthusiast, and you’re looking for actors, models, extras or a cover face, we’ll find the people for your project.

If you’re an actress od an actor, amateur, young father, a truck driver, or if you’re just interested in acting, we will find a project for you. Besides two very hardworking casting managers, the core of is a rich database od actors, actresses, amateurs and extras.

In total, there are more than 4000 people in our database. And these two constantly try to find new and interesting faces to add to it.

You’re interested in some of the work we’ve done before? Here it is!

These two will do their best to find you a right face for your project, or the right project for your face.


Martina has over 10 years of experience in casting domestic and foreign projects. She has excellent knowledge of the acting scene and follows the work of all regional acting classes and academies. Martina likes cooperating with foreign productions, and projects that present her with a challenge.


Mladen is an ex journalist and editor. He has four years experience in casting, and he is meticulous and very organized in his work. Except on projects by Croatian production companies, Mladen also cooperated on several coproductions. He likes fun projects and opportunities to acquire new knowledge.


Actors, amateurs, extras, announcers...


projects annualy


new faces in the database weekly


cat in the database :)

Send us you basic personal data and a couple of photos so we could suggest and contact you for a specific project. The data you send us will be used only for the purposes of production (we will forward them to our clients - production companies, directors...) and will otherwise be kept in strict confidentiality.
  • Please send us a photo of your face
  • Send us an additional photo or a document (CV, portfolio etc.)